Thursday, October 13, 2005


Aegidienberg is a German village situated southeast of Köln (Cologne). Since 1967 it has been a part of the municipality of Bad Honnef on the river Rhine. The name comes from the Christian saint Aegidius (French: Giles).

The municipalty itself consists of thirteen individual places: Aegidienberg, Brüngsberg, Efferoth, Himberg, Höhe, Hövel, Neichen, Orscheid, Retscheid, Rottbitze, Siefenhoven, Wintersberg and Wülscheid. As of 2002 the population was 6,673 and growing.

The Aegidienberger breed of horse, type of Iceland pony, originated here. In November 1923 the last battle of the Rhine region's separatism was fought around the villages of the municipality.


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